Is the Term “Universal Church” Neoplatonic?

The question is charged, because if someone says, “yes,” they can easily be accused of following a heathen philosopher rather than the Bible.

Landmarkism & Why I Do Not Subscribe

This article is a response to Landmarkism. The tone is irenic. I am indebted to men who espouse Landmarkism for much doctrinal fellowship, friendship, and sound counsel.

Quick Thoughts on One of the Best Arguments for Reformed Paedobaptism

I appreciate this argument since its core concern is to preserve the sameness of the gospel under both Old and New Covenants, a concern both Baptists and paedobaptists ought to share.

How Baptists Need to Use the Church Fathers

There’s hardly a discernible consensus on the age of baptismal candidates in the extant literature of the early church. Full stop.

The Particular Baptists & Covenant Children

It is often supposed by our paedobaptist friends that Baptists outrightly reject the notion of covenant-holiness with regard to children of believing parents…

John Lightfoot on Circumcision as a Seal (Romans 4:11)

John Lightfoot was a 17th century paedobaptist theologian. He was a member of the Westminster Assembly and vice chancellor of Cambridge.

Thomas Aquinas on Gender

I believe Aquinas can help us sort out this difficulty by making the proper distinctions. In ST, 93.4, Thomas “steel mans” the following objection…

Baptist Orthodoxy, Creedal Christianity, & Catholicity

The “no creed but the Bible” mindset has given us charismania, Beth Moore, and digital church. It needs to go.

On Tradition & Innovation (traditum & nuovo modo)

Extreme nationalism neuters human reason and dashes to pieces the judgment of conscience, the very faculties responsible for distinguishing man from beast, and instead demands that he accept tradition apart from discerning its truth or goodness.

Covenants, Law, & Nature – A Response to Gary DeMar

Did Charles Darwin really destroy natural law, and make it nothing more than a basis for constant ethical change?


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