Augustine, Lewis Ayres, & 1 Corinthians 15:28

As the all-too-familiar trinity debate rages on, one vital piece of the “discourse puzzle” is still missing—hermeneutics.

The Way Jesus Uses Nature

Appeals to natural revelation, and thus the assumption of a natural theology, are rife throughout the didactic work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Order of Theology, Classical, and Presuppositional Apologetics

Part of our current ailment is the inability for Christians to relate subjects of theology to one another in terms of their respective, causal relationships.

A Response to Dr. Sam Waldron

It is never a good day to disagree with Dr. Sam Waldron. In spite of our disagreements, I have leagues-worth of respect for this man…

Natural Theology in the Puritan, Thomas Watson

Thomas’ five ways are well known. But fewer know that another Thomas had even more.

How Sola Scriptura Presupposes Natural Theology

Sola Scriptura must be defined correctly, not only to avoid subjecting Scripture to the dictates of men, but also that we might retain the requisite tools (assumptions) and categories needed in order to make sense of the Scriptures in the first place.

What Fired Nurses & Theological Neocons Have in Common

Hospitals aren’t the only ones fulfilling their own doom-and-gloom prophecy. Modern theological conservatives are doing the very same thing.

Actus Purus & the Project of Redemption

If there is potential in God, there is potential in God’s judgment. If there is potential in God’s judgment, satisfaction is not necessary…

Considering God’s Transcendence & Immanence

But the temptation to “fix” this tension by making the divine essence the transcendent “part” in God, and the Trinity the immanent and complex “part” in God is misguided since it wouldn’t fix any problem at all.

Spurgeon on the Stiff & Stilted Pastor

“I am persuaded that one reason why our working-men so universally keep clear of ministers is because they abhor their artificial and unmanly ways.”